Exceptional territory for exceptional wines: the wines of the Agraria Riva del Garda

For over 2.000 years Garda Trentino has been a highly suitable area for the cultivation of vines and olives: this was well known by the ancient Celts and Romans who planted the first vineyards and olive groves in the northern area of Lake Garda. It is an area with an unusual climate, close to the 46th Parallel, mitigated by Lake Garda and exacerbated by the Dolomites. In short, a sort of Mediterranean oasis in an alpine context. All the wines of the Cantina di Riva can be found in the large "Store Rurale" of Agraria Riva del Garda, where they can be known and tasted thanks to the support of a trained staff and the sommelier of the company.

Here, in 1926 Agraria Riva del Garda was founded, first as an association with the aim of promoting and supporting agriculture in Upper Garda. Then, in 1957 the Cantina was founded, followed in 1965 by the activity of the Frantoio. Today it is a cooperative society made up of 300 members who with passion and dedication carry on a thousand-year work that is handed from generation to generation, supported by the technicians of the cooperative, in order to combine passion and tradition with advanced methods of cultivation and production. The geographical position, the variation in altitude, the morphology of the land and climate create unique conditions that differ from the rest of Trentino. In this peculiar landscape there are equally varieties of vines with white fruit and red fruit.
During the wine-growing campaign, great attention is paid to each of the vegetative phases, which are tackled with the advice and support of technicians and oenologists. The winery of Agraria Riva del Garda has gradually developed a path that has brought it to the current high production levels. The facilities are modern, avant-garde, constantly updated in search of perfection for each type of winemaking, in compliance with the production specifications DOC, IGT and ORGANIC and the highest local quality. An average of 33,000 quintals of grapes are harvested, pressed and vinified in the cooperative by the 280 members that work as winemakers. All varieties are optimally processed, from the sparkling wine base to the wine aged in wood, with computerized monitoring of all production stages, including aging, to ensure better control and traceability of the product.

The flagship products of the Winery can be translated into the Le Selezioni line, high quality wines that have been selected since the planting of the vines in the most suitable areas of Upper Garda: varieties that best represent the territory and thanks to which they are able to express their peculiarities to the fullest. Over the years a lot of work has been done to find the most suitable soil for each individual vine, taking into account altitude, exposure to the sun and wind, composition of the soil and many other elements. One of the most representative products of this line is definitely Maso Élesi, a Pinot Noir whose vineyard is surrounded by a wood of holm oaks (whose dialect name is "élesi") in Padaro, mountainous village of Arco. This is a vineyard conducted according to the dictates of organic farming, which requires more attention and awareness of the vineyard to maintain the right balance. A terroir that has rewarded Agraria Riva del Garda through a precious recognition at the "National Competition of Pinot Noir" of Egna (Alto Adige) that in 2017 saw Maso Élesi in the top 10 as the first wine awarded not South Tyrolean.
All the wines of the Cantina can be found in the large rural Store of Agraria Riva del Garda (loc. San Nazzaro, 4 - Riva del Garda), where they can be tasted thanks to the support of a trained staff and the sommelier of the company. For groups of at least 15 people you can enjoy guided tastings of wines, oils and local products upon reservation.

For information write to info@agririva.it.

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