Amarone and Recioto – these names come immediately to mind when wine connoisseurs hear of the Valpolicella. Thanks to these high-proof wines the hilly Valpolicella region is famous world-wide.

It is a conglomeration of 19 communities north of Verona. The area is characterized by smooth vineyards, fruit and olive trees, rural farm houses and several pretty Venetian manor houses. But you can also find green plateaus, roaring torrents, deep gorges and impressive grottas. The northern part of the Valpolicella forms part of the Lessinia national park, which stretches as far as the Trentino. There you can find Europe’s biggest natural bridge, the impressive waterfalls of Molina and with “Spluga della Preta” one of the deepest karst abysses in the world.

The Valpolicella is also worth a visit thanks to its excellent cuisine. In numerous restaurants and trattorias you can feast on and enjoy the delicacies made mainly from local products.

Emergency call numbers
Police: 112
Fire-Brigade: 115
Ambulance: 118

Useful telephone numbers in the area
Tourist office Negrar: 045-7701920
Tourist office S.Pietro in Cariano: 045-7701920
Tourist office Breonio di Fumane: 045-7701920
Tourist office San Giorgio di Valpolicella: 045-7701920
Tourist office Pescantina: 045-7701920
Tourist office Marano di Valpolicella: 045-7701920


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Foto: - Thilo Weimar