Toscolano Maderno

Toscolano Maderno

Toscolano Maderno: emotions from lake to mountain - where nature, culture, history, cooking and traditions join up to give you unique moments.

Toscolano Maderno is a big “open air museum” to discover and live among culture, nature and sport.

The two original places that form a municipality since 1928, are separated only by the river Toscolano. Toscolano lies north and Maderno south of this border. The town stretches from the land surrounded by the lake, with the beautiful beaches to the hills below Monte Pizzocolo, where hiking and walking paths offer spectacular views.

Since the Middle Ages Toscolano was well-known for its paper factories, printing works and old paper mills. Even Martin Luther was translating from a Bible printed in Toscolano.

Maderno lies in a semicircular bay, dotted with beautiful villas and parks along a pretty, narrow lakeside promenade. Due to its geographic location, Toscolano Maderno is the mid-point on the western side of the Lake. The car ferry leaves from here to get to the eastern shore.

Many possibilities to have a good time
The “Valley of Paper Mills” (or Valle delle Cartiere), tells us its centuries-old history, thanks to impressive proof of the past inserted in an attractive location, defined by steep slopes and tight clefts. The valley houses the “Paper Museum” (or Museo della Carta), one of northern Italy’s most important industrial archeology sites, that can be visited from Easter to October. Within the museum, you can remember landmarks of paper production history by an evocative tour, which includes a demonstration of watermarked paper sheet production, hand-made by master papermakers.

Don’t miss also the Roman Villa of Nonii Arrii in Toscolano, one of the most important residential buildings present in Roman times along the banks of Lake Garda. It can be visited from May to September, on Saturdays and Sundays, free admission.

Various are value buildings, historic palaces, villas and Churches. Among them stand out the Church of Sant’Andrea, admirable example of Lombard Romanesque architecture, and the Church of Santi Pietro and Paolo, which keeps the canvases of the famous Venetian painter Andrea Celesti. Let us show you around among many cultural offers, captivating free time opportunities and excellent tastes of traditional cooking; this town gives unforgettable experiences. Here, any taste or demand can be well satisfied.

Sports enthusiasts will also have a great time at Toscolano. There are numerous mountain biking trails and hiking opportunities through the unique landscape. Or you can improve your handicap at the Bogliaco Golf Resort, one of the oldest golf courses in Italy.

And of course you can also buy some nice holiday memories. On Thursday, for example, there is the popular weekly market.

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General Information
Postal zip code 25088
Altitude: 88 km
Inhabitants: 6.960

Emergency call numbers
Police: 112
Fire-Brigade: 115
Ambulance: 118

Useful telephone numbers in the area
Tourist office: 0365-641330
Police departement: 0365-641156
Medical emergency service: 0365-643179
Post office: 0365-540729 (Maderno)
Post office: 0365-641009 (Toscolano)

Important distances
Railway Station Desenzano: 30 km
Airport Verona: 65 km
Milan: 130 km
Motorway connection A4 Desenzano: 30 km

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Foto: - Thilo Weimar, Tibor Lepel; Comune di Toscolano Maderno