SUP Dolce Vita at Lake Garda

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake and a true paradise for windsurfers, hikers, mountain bikers and sailors. Have you ever thought of gliding across Lake Garda with a stand up paddle board? The landscape that you can enjoy from the water is really unique. From the SUP you simply have a different perspective on things. The wind is suitable for a SUP downwind race, but you can also enjoy a short sightseeing tour.

Riva del Garda is a bustling Italian town which doubles as a tourist resort, located at the northern end of the lake. Torbole and Riva are well known for windsurfing as the thermical wind is usually blowing on a regular basis during the summer months. Stand Up Paddling is getting more and more popular, especially when the wind is not blowing and it can be even more attractive with some small coffee or icecream breaks or even a nice Italian lunch combined with some sightseeing – SUP „Dolce Vita“ style!

Visiting Riva del Garda
The north of Lake Garda is completely surrounded by mountains, and Riva sits comfortably on the shore, with a lake, valley and hills as backdrop. After Desenzano, Riva is the second largest town on Lake Garda and it has a fundamentally different atmosphere than other cities: simultaneously lively and yet conservative.

We had set ourselves the goal of paddling from Torbole to Riva and then a little further on to Limone. After we arrived in Limone, we wanted to go back to Riva with our inflatable Fanatic SUP boards to benefit from the great wind while surfing at Sailing du Lac.

So we started early in the morning, always staying along the lake shore. The water was still calm and fresh. We paddled past the promenade, the Old Town and the Fortress of Riva, which houses the MAG Art Museum.   

Direction Limone
However we were not able to stay away from the water for a long period of time. We wanted to be back in the afternoon when the strong south wind Ora was going to start. The light breeze made it easy for us to paddle to Limone although the shore was full of surprises. At times you get the impression of being on the French Mediterranean coast and the next minute you see flowers and beach houses that can’t be seen from the street. The highlight however was a small cave right next to the old Ponale Hotel. We drove into the cave and discovered a waterfall with crystal clear mountain water. In there we spontaneously decided to take a short break to admire the natural spectacle. Further south we passed the famous “Schweinebucht”, a bay for windsurfers. The bay was still quiet when we arrived and we took the chance to swim in peace, climb up the slope and enjoy the unbelievable view. The village of Limoneis located right behind this bay. After having been in Limone for a while, we we went back to Riva.

Back to Riva
The Ora had already started when we decided to return to Riva - perfect timing to get back to Riva quickly. After we arrived in Riva, we still had time to go surfing and to eat at a beautiful beach bar. Riva has a great selection of small restaurants and bars and is therefore the perfect place to relax.

Sunset in Torbole 
After having enjoyed a nice lunch, coffee and ice cream we slowly paddled back to Torbole, where the windsurfers still relished in the afternoon wind. In the end we went to the beach bar at Circolo Surf for a nice sundowner – a perfect SUP day Italian style.


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Foto: Fanatic / Ronny Kiaulehn