Sport & adventure with XMountain and King Rock

The southern side of Lake Garda is a fascinating area to discover, with hidden places in the beautiful, wild nature. These places can be explored through many different activities such as climbing, trekking, hiking and canyoning. The southern Lake Garda is also a huge natural park where you can know and appreciate the flora and fauna trying different sports, accompanied by the XMountain mountain guides. If you want to try climbing for the first time or want to combine a trip to Verona with a climbing afternoon you can visit the climbing hall King Rock, not far from the center of Verona.

The mountain guides of XMountain know the territory very well, because they are always active between Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. Their goal is to let others discover the area through activities that they love and made to their job.

Canyoning in the wild
If you want to enjoy the wonderful nature from a different perspective you should try the experience of canyoning in an uncontaminated environment like the torrent Vaio dell’Orsa, a sequence of waterfalls, natural slides, trails with or without water, where you can taste the essence of the truest nature, trying the thrill of diving. Or the torrent Vione, where you can live a true adventure, enjoy the wild environment, see the colors of the unique nature.

Hiking with breathtaking views
If you prefer to stay on the peak, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Garda from the Monte Baldo, with beautiful trails to discover the incredible richness of flora and fauna of the massive and imposing mountains.

Climbing above Lake Garda
There is also a completely vertical panoramic view: the cliffs in Garda and Marciaga, sensational panoramic spots from which you can see the lake in all its beauty living the incredible experience of rock climbing.

And if this is not enough for you, the guides of XMountain can take you further: to the Dolomites, the Alps or to the legendary Himalayan peaks.

King Rock Verona – one of the largest climbing halls in Europe
2000 square meters of climbing surface, a rope climbing hall with 1350 square meters of climbing surface, 200 marked climbs, a boulder room on two floors with 650 square meters for climbing and a bar with a big entertainment room: this is King Rock, one of the largest climbing halls in Europe. King Rock is located a few minutes from the center of Verona and is easy to reach from the highway. It is the headquarters of the alpine guides of XMountain that will show you the world of the outdoor activities.

In case of bad weather during your holiday at Lake Garda, or when it’s too hot to climb outdoors, or if you just want to combine a trip to Verona with a climbing afternoon, King Rock is the perfect place. Here you can climb in a lot of ways and enjoy a lunch or a drink at the bar.

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Foto: King Rock/XMountain