Ossario di Custoza


Little town, picturesquely embedded in the hinterland of Lake Garda

Sommacampagna is located in the south of Lake Garda. The town is just a few kilometers from Verona and the Lake Garda. This authentic Italian holiday location is embedded in the picturesque and hilly landscape of the Colline Moreniche and offers not only culinary highlights but also many interesting possibilities for trips. From here, you can start cycling tours through the hinterland (there are 11 percorsi cicloturistici and the "anello del Custoza"), play golf (Golf Club Verona) or go on a hike on the historical paths of the region (CamminaCustoza, Tamburino Sardo, Percorso della Storia, Sentiero della Pace). Twice a week you can buy local products at a typical Italian market: on Fridays in the old town of Sommacampagna and on Saturdays in Piazza Martiri della Libertà in Caselle. In any case, you should absolutely taste the wines Custoza DOC, which are well-known far beyond the borders of the area. Wines young and fresh, unique and inimitable. Another specialty of the region is the Broccoletto di Custoza, which made it onto the Slow Food list in 2016. Sommacampagna and the surrounding area are well-known for the delicious peaches. A specialty that is used a lot in the local Veronese cuisine and celebrated every year from the middle of June to the beginning of September with "La Pesca a Tavola". And if you think kiwis grow only in exotic countries ... no, Sommacampagna is well known for cultivating these green fruits that get harvested in October and November.

A region with an interesting history

The strategic position has led to the construction of military buildings and patrician villas. Many are still well preserved and it's worth visiting them. The first settlers settled around an ancient
place of ritual worship. Today, the church of St. Andrea is located right there. Originally the the town was called Summacampania. Already in the time of the Roman Empire it was a place with a strategically very important position and a favorable climate. Over the centuries, the city has seen numerous rulers, from the Romans over the Huns to the Lombards and the Franks. Until Sommacampagna was finally conquered by Berengario, the king of Italy. Berengario built a castle on the top of a hill and for many centuries this was the public square where people came toghether and traded things. Today right there the church of St. Rocco il located. Due to its strategic position, Sommacampagna was also a stage for important historical events. At the time of the Risorgimento, bloody battles were carried out in the hills of Custoza, where you can find the famous Ossario (bone house) today.

Sommacampagna can be easily reached by car (A4 / A22, tangenziali) or by plane (Verona airport "Valerio Catullo"). The trans-European trade routes 1 (Berlin - Palermo) and 5 (Lisbon - Kiev) cross here. Thanks to this unique position at one of the most important traffic junctions in Europe, Sommacampagna has also attracted many companies, in particular companies from the agricultural and food sectors.

The area offers a wide choice of accommodation: hotels, agriturismi and B&Bs welcome the guests. There is something for everyone, for business people, families, cyclists, etc. After you have experienced our hospitality and tasted our food and wine, you definitely want to return to this wonderful place as soon as possible.

Foto: Comune di Sommacampagna