The new fragrances of Acqua del Garda

The product line of Acqua del Garda from this summer is enriched by two irresistible fragrances. In addition to the evergreen perfumes of Lake Garda, a body care line and an anti-aging product line, the world of perfumes has been enriched by Gelsomino Assoluto and Intenso d'Agrumi.

Gelsomino Assoluto and Intenso d'Agrumi are inspired by a thousand-year old love story. The story of a queen and a king, an Italian queen and a German king.

The legend
It is said that the young and fascinating Adeleide married King Lothar II of Italy. After a few happy years, the king was killed by traitors.

The defenseless queen was then imprisoned on Rocca del Garda, where she remained alone, surrounded only by jasmine, whose fragrance reminded her of the lost freedom and the easyness of her young years.

Adelaide was finally helped to escape, and she found protection and love with the German King Otto I.

The king was deeply moved by her sad destiny and admired her courage and beauty. He revenged her, made her his wife and spent the rest of her life in love with her.

The legend wants the two of them to kiss for the first time in a lemon grove on Lake Garda.

To honor this romantic story, these two new fragrances of Acqua del Garda were created:

Gelsomino Assoluto
Expression of elegance and femininity.
The fragrance of Gelsomino Assoluto originates from a fresh note of orange and mint and combines with a romantic heart of neroli and jasmine.
Vetiver and patchouli complete the perfume with a warm and exotic touch.

Top note
Tangerine, orange, grapefruit, mint

Heart notes
Neroli, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla

Background note
Vetiver, cashmeran, amber, patchouli, musk

Intenso d'Agrumi

The delicate freshness of lemon and bergamot is combined with a vivid head note made of pink pepper and grapefruit wich precede an intense and intoxicating heart of rosemary and chocolate. Sandalwood and vanilla lend a wooden oriental, infinitely sensual and mysterious background note.

Top note
Grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, pink pepper

Heart notes
Lavender, rosemary, chocolate, pineapple, tobacco, myrrh

Background note
Tonka bean, sandalwood, amber, vanilla

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