The small town in the south-west is embedded in a long bay and has thus got the longest walkway of any town an the Lake. The historic old town, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is ideal for shopping and strolling around as many of the elegant and chic shops invite you to linger.

In 1901 Salo was almost completely destroyed by an enormous earthquake. The only reminder of the tragedy are the remnants which today serve as the foundation of the elegant walkway on the Lake. Slightly outside the town, on the southern side of the bay, the beautiful, long pebbly beach is situated. This is a favourite weekend spot for Italian families. Salo's local cuisine is also well known, in particular the fish specialities served in numerous restaurants are truly delicious.

General Information
Postal zip code 25087
Altitude: 75 m
Inhabitants: 9.970

Emergency call numbers
Police: 112
Fire-Brigade: 115
Ambulance: 118

Useful telephone numbers in the area
Tourist office: 0365-21423
Police departement: 0365-40240
Fire-Brigade departement: 0365-40333
Veterinary: 0365-21596
Hospital: 0365-2971
Post office: 0365-440811
Taxi: 0365-43516

Important distances
Railway Station Desenzano: 20 km
Airport Verona: 55 km
Milan: 120 km
Motorway connection A4 Desenzano: 20 km

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