HF Viaggi - transfer at lake Garda

HF Viaggi offers shuttle services to and from the airport, the train station and hotels with a minivan that can accommodate up to 9 people. You can also book a taxi service for trips, visits to places of art, exhibitions, trade fairs, events and concerts.

The HF Viaggi travel agency based in Trentino offers shuttle services and transportation to various tourist destinations, or for events in all the areas of Lake Garda. For example, those who wish to go from the station to their hotel at Lake Garda, can contact HF Viaggi by phone, by e-mail, on the website or on social media and let us us know what they need. HF Viaggi goes to pick up  guests at the station, the airport, but also in the city centre or from their hotel.

You can also book a taxi for a whole day or for several days, for example when you want to reach more distant destinations. Possible destinations are the different areas at Lake Garda and cities such as Verona, Rovereto, Trento, Milan or Venice and many others. It’s also possible to book the service for concerts, exhibitions and other events.

The cost depends on the number of people and kilometres as well as the duration and time. For more information about your trip, please contact HF Viaggi.

Contact details
HF Viaggi di Mauro Mosca
via Chiesa, 9
38085 Bersone
tel: +39-347-4123065
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Foto: HF Viaggi