Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies

Owning your own small house or holiday apartment on Lake Garda is a dream for many. There are numerous agencies around Lake Garda and in Germany that can help you fulfil your dream of owning your own home in Italy.

CON.AG.I Compagnia Intermediazione Immobiliare srl

Our real estate agency is working since more than 30 years in the residential and commercial real estate business on Lake Garda.

Immobiliare Righetto

Real estate agency Righetto, based in Bardolino, is a local expert with international experience for Lake Garda. The agency can look back on over 30 years of experience.

SCR Immo Srl

Sophisticated architecture and seamless integration into the local conditions are the goals of every project.

Lake Garda Transport

The company Ralf Knittertransporte is specialized in furniture transports. Since 2010 the German company has offered transports to Lake Garda and South Tyrol. Customers can transport individual pieces, e.g. sports equipment, or book complete transports.

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