Peschiera del Garda

The busy small town is in the south-east of the Lake. Its special attraction is the old town centre, which is in the middle of an enormous fortress in the form of a five-sided star and completely surrounded by water. There are many nice shops and small bars in the narrow lanes of the old town. Monday is market day and surrounded by the fragrance of grilled fish and the mutual calls of the market stallholders, you really get the impression of being right in the middle of Italy. Peschiera is on the Verona-Milano trainline, the station is only a stone's throw from the old town.

General Information
Postal zip code 37019
Altitude: 68 m
Inhabitants: 8.780

Emergency call numbers
Police: 112
Fire-Brigade: 115
Ambulance: 118

Useful telephone numbers in the area
Tourist office: 045-7551673
Police departement: 045-6400477
Hospital: 045-6449111
Fire-Brigade departement: 045-6210908
Post office: 045-7551000
Railway station: 045-7550028
Taxi: 045-7552348
Taxi: 045-6400501 (Castelnuovo)

Important distances
Railway Station in the place
Airport Verona: 20 km
Milan: 130 km
Motorway connection A4 in the place


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Foto: - Thilo Weimar