The world's most northern olive oil: The oils of the Frantoio di Riva (Agraria Riva del Garda)

For over 2.000 years Garda Trentino has been a highly suitable area for the cultivation of vines and olives: this was well known by the ancient Celts and Romans who planted the first vineyards and olive groves in the northern area of Lake Garda. It is an area with an unusual climate, close to the 46th Parallel, mitigated by Lake Garda and exacerbated by the Dolomites. In short, a sort of Mediterranean oasis in an alpine context.

Agraria Riva del Garda was founded here in 1926, initially as an association for the promotion and support of agriculture on Lake Garda. Then, in 1957, the Cantina was founded, followed in 1965 by the oil mill, the frantoio. Today, this is an innovative plant that is constantly kept up to date with personalized and experimental technical modifications. In 1998 it was the first oil mill to produce extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino and since 2009 it has been certified for organic farming.

Today, Agraria is a cooperative with 300 members, who with passion and dedication carry out a thousand years of work that is passed down from generation to generation. They are supported by the cooperative's technicians to combine passion and tradition with advanced cultivation and production methods. Against the backdrop of the mild breeze of Lake Garda and the rather harsh climate of the mountains, the world's northernmost olive belt can be found here at latitude 46. This special microclimate enables the production of valuable native oils with unique properties that have received the highest national and international awards. The cultivation methods, combined with the great experience and passion of each individual olive grower, make it possible to maintain a high standard.

The Agraria is responsible for about 65% of the olive oil production of the Garda Trentino. There are about 80 olive growers who work exclusively with the cooperative oil mill. The frantoio also processes the olives of about 1,200 other local olive growers. Each batch is individually shredded and cold extracted. From 85,000 olive trees on 270 hectares, between 6,000 and 8,500 quintals of olives are processed annually.

The oils of Frantoio di Riva bring the scents and aromas of the main variety of Lake Garda, the autochthonous Casaliva. They are extra fresh and smell of freshly cut grass, have the colour of sweet almonds and artichokes. Various product lines are offered in modern packaging to minimize contact with light, one of the enemies of oil. The "46° Parallelo" line is available in Blend (three varieties of olives pressed together), Bio and Monovarietale di Casaliva, i.e. oil pressed purely from the Casaliva variety. Then there are Imperiale, an extra virgin olive oil certified DOP Garda Trentino, and the family jewel Uliva, a DOP Garda Trentino oil distinguished by the elegance of its flavours and tastes and distinguished internationally.

All wines of the Cantina can be bought directly in the shop of Agraria Riva del Garda (loc. San Nazzaro 4 - Riva del Garda), where they can be tasted thanks to the support of a qualified staff. For groups of at least 15 people Agraria is available to carry out guided tastings of its wines, oils and local products upon reservation.

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Foto: Agraria Riva del Garda