Lake Iseo

Beautiful deep blue water surrounded by a wonderful mountainious silhouette makes the Lago d`Iseo a destination to get away from your everyday life.

Lake Iseo is the fourth-largest lake of the upper Italien lakes. Located in the Lombardy and beeing a part of the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, it has a size of 65,3 km² and is 119 km away from Riva and 76 km away from Desenzano. If you come from Riva you have to take the via Gardesana/SS45 and afterwards the road A4 towards Bergamo. Coming from Desenzano also A4 to Bergamo and take the exit Palazzolo.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that you can surround the lake completly by car and you can visit various villages directly build into the mointain. In the north you can explore mysterious tunnels. Furthermore the lake is very suitable for sailing due to the perfect wind conditions. Except from that there are many hiking and cycling trips applicable for beginners as well as experts. Lake Iseo has in its middle one of the biggest islands on a lake at all. Therefore it is almost a must to visit it. There are two more islands in privat property. Next to the lake you can find the wine area „Franciacorta“ where one of the best italian sparkling wines are produced.

There are not many locations for swimming. Bigger spots are Lovere, Pisogne, Sulzano, Iseo and Sarnico.

Art Event 2016 - By foot over the lake
A special attraction this year will be the bright yellow nylon tracks that will lead from Sulzano to Peschiera Maraglio and to the small Isola San Paolo. A spectacular idea of the artist Christo. From June 18th until July 3rd 2016 you will be able to walk on the water!

Holiday in the castle - the very special accommodation!
Castel Zorzino - a quiet, romantic place not far from the shores of Lake Iseo. There are very cozy, individually designed apartments in a historic setting with wonderful views.

The towns of Lake Iseo and the island of Monte Isola are almost all connected by ferry. Monte Isola can be reached for example from Sulzano or from Sale Marasino. The timetable and other information can be found on the website of the shipping company.

Special timetable for Art Event „The Floating Piers“
From 18 June to 3 July 2016, there is a specific timetable, which is also available on the homepage of the shipping company.

Foto: © Paolo Goglio - fotolia