Useful information 

Medical emergency

For urgent medical emergencies there is a national emergency number.


Emergency number: 118


In case of emergency, you can also contact the emergency department "pronto soccorso" of the next hospital at any time.


Medical assistance in case of illness

If there is no emergency and you have the possibility to go to the doctor, so you have the following options:

Guardia Medica Turistica
During the summer season (from June to early September) the "Guardia Medica Turistica" is available for the tourists.

Family physician
You also have the option to go to a doctor of your choice using your European Health Insurance Card, which covers unforeseeable illness cases. Just ask in your hotel or campsite.

An alternative to the doctor, especially during the night or in the weekend, is the emergency department "Pronto Soccorso" of the hospital.
However, here you may have to wait longer.

Hospitals around Lake Garda

The pharmacy, in Italian Farmacia, is marked with a green cross and is open in the normal shop opening times (in summer some pharmacies are also open on Sundays - if it is open, you will see the light of the green cross). For many small problems, the pharmacists will be able to help you, so that you won't need to go to the doctor.

Emergency pharmacies:

In the Erboristeria you can find selected healthy groceries, natural medicines and cosmetics. Erboristerias are open in the normal shop opening times.


Wheelchair users
A new Italian law states that all new hotel facilities have at least one room for disabled guests. Even museums and other public institutions are now equipped with ramps and elevators. The main parking facilities usually have parking spots for people with disability.

There are no special vaccination requirements for Italy. However, anyone who spends many time in the nature, in the mountain or in forests, should be protected with a TBE vaccination against tick bites.

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