Gardone Riviera

Gardone used to be the classy resort of the Belle Époque. Even today it is counted among the most elegant resorts on the Lake. Gardone is well-known for its mild and constant climate. Already at the beginning of the century a huge botanical garden, which is worth visiting, was created. But also the gardens in and around the small town are splendid.
Surrounded by palm trees, magnolia, cedars, the fragrance of jasmine blossoms in the air. You can walk in the shade of old cypresses, and immediately feel taken back in time. Not without reason Gardone is internationally known as "the city of gardens". Just outside the town is the Vittoriale estate, which was created by the poet Gabriele d'Annunzio. The hilly hinterland is ideal for horse riding and hiking.

General Information
Postal zip code: 25083
Altitude: 85 m
Inhabitants: 2.440

Emergency call numbers
Police: 112
Fire-Brigade: 115
Ambulance: 118

Useful telephone numbers in the area
Tourist office: 0365-20347
Police departement: 0365-20210
Post Office: 0365-20862
Taxi: 0365-290943
Taxi Boat: 337-441805/336-575555
Teatro „Il Vittoriale“: 0365-296506
Museo „Il Vittoriale“: 0365-296511

Important distances
Railway Station Desenzano: 25 km
Airport Verona: 60 km
Milan: 125 km
Motorway connection A4 Desenzano: 25 km


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Foto: - Thilo Weimar