Bertoldi Boats - Aperitivo on board

For special occasions or if you simply want to spend a nice evening on lake Garda: Bertoldi Boats offers aperitifs on board and other culinary excursions. For example, a nice aperitif in the Bar Boat, a ship that has been converted into a cozy cafe and where you can enjoy delicious mojitos, a trip to the peninsula of Sirmione, including a bottle of sparkling wine, a sunset cruise or a trip to San Vigilio with aperitif in a café or dinner in a wonderful restaurant.

The family-owned company Bertoldi Boats offers transportation services at Lake Garda as well as romantic boat rides, weddings, group excursions and cultural trips. All with great scenery and views of the landscapes and picturesque resorts on Lake Garda.

Contact details
Bertoldi Boats
Lungolago Armando Diaz
25019 Sirmione
Tel.: +39-338-613 44 72
Fax: +39-030-990 44 83
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Foto: Bertoldi Boats