Food & Drink

Maybe the most important cultural heritage of Italy. Famous all over the world and different from each region to the other. The Italian culinary culture is one of the reasons that make you feel good during the holiday.

  • Wineries
    On the picturesque hills around Lake Garda there are numerous wine-growing areas. To explore the wine of Lake Garda in all its variety we recommend excursions along the wine routes which lead you through a wonderful landscape. more
  • Olive oil
    Olive oil from Lake Garda is a unique light oil of an extremely high quality. It is produced all around the lake by small family enterprises and often you can find it directly in small producer shops. more
  • Grana Padano
    Grana Padano - one of the most famous cheeses in the world. Sustainability and quality are the key factors in its production! more
  • Organic food
    Where to buy organic food on holiday at Lake Garda? Besides the organic food shops you can find some organic farmers which sell directly from their farm-shops. There is olive oil as well as wine and delicacies. more
  • Restaurants
    No matter, if you are looking for a romantic restaurant, or a good address for a quick meal. On Lake Garda you have the choice. more
  • Delicacies
    Delicacies from Lake Garda, besides wine and olive oil there are excellent salami, jams, cheese, truffle products and lots more. more
  • Ice Cream
    A delicious ice cream should of course never be missing during a holiday in Italy. Discover the best ice cream spots around the lake. more
  • Coffee
    Coffee is a fundamental ingredient of the Italian lifestyle. A Cappuccino in the morning and an espresso after lunch. Coffee production on Lake Garda is a small scale family business of extremely high quality. more

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