The northern part of Lake Garda is perfect for those of you who like sport, enjoy nature and can’t get enough of thrill-seeking activities. Whether you want to scale via ferratas or try your hand at real sport climbing - the possibilities on Lake Garda are almost unlimited!

Originally via ferratas could be found in the Dolomites. Several of them were build during the First World War to help the movements of troops. Later, climbing aids in form of ladders, steel ropes and steps were attached to make even difficult passages accessible to untrained mountaineers. In this day and age climbing via ferratas has become an independent alpine sport.

The northern part of Lake Garda is a true paradise for everyone who loves climbing and via ferratas. Especially in the Garda Trentino and Ledro Valley real mountaineers can get their money’s worth. However certain equipment and skills are required to scale via ferratas. You should always bring your helmet, harness and other safety equipment along your journey. Furthermore technical know-how and training are also a requirement to be able to scale via ferratas.
One of the most famous via ferratas is probably the Ferrata Via dell’Amicizia on top of the Cima SAT (1246 m). The steep and challenging path trails along the wall of the Rocchetta. The minute you arrive at the top, a panoramic view of Riva del Garda, Torbole, Malcesine, Nago and Lake Garda welcomes you - a truly unforgettable experience! A little bit less difficult and demanding, but not less impressive are the Fausto Susatti track in Cima Capi and the Colodri track near Arco. This tour is especially suited for families with children.

Further information and safety rules can be found here: Via ferrata

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Ort: Verona
Whether hiking, climbing or canyoning - the professional mountain guides organize unforgettable days and also ensure that you can enjoy the day in peace and security.
Outdoor Planet
Ort: Affi
Canyoning, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking - fun, adventure and nature! Outdoorplanet is the adventure specialist at Lake Garda and in Tyrol!
Mmove – Into Nature by Friends of Arco
Ort: Arco
Mmove – Into Nature by Friends of Arco is the first national school of alpinism in the Upper Garda area. The school proposes amongst other things climbing and canyoning.
SKYclimber Klettersteig
Ort: Tremosine sul Garda
For guided via ferratas, well trained mountain guides and small group sizes guarantee fun and safety at the same time.
Campione Univela Sport
Ort: Campione del Garda
Try and learn different sports directly with UNIVELA.

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