Pet friendly holiday on Lake Garda

Pet friendly holiday on Lake Garda

When you plan a holiday with your dog on Lake Garda, many accommodations will defenity no problems with this. The presence of dogs is usually allowed within certain limitations, which relate to the size and some simple rules of behavior on the accommodation ground.
It is always better to mention it in the accommodation request that your want to come with your dog and possibly to specify size and breed. In this way you avoid unpleasant surprises at your arrival.
Dog & beach
Recently, there are beaches on Lake Garda, which are accessible for dogs. Here the dogs are even allowed to swim in the lake.  
Muzzle and leash
Muzzle and leash should always be carried in public and also used depending on the situation.
Train with you dog
The crossing of the Alps with a dog is possible with the German and Austrian train companies DB and ÖBB. Small dogs (size of a cat) ride free, large dogs need a valid ticket, which is 50% of the ticket price of rail passengers. At the pass of Brennero, the train stops for 10-12 min., long enough to give a break to your dog.
In the Italian Railways Trenitalia requires, that a dog of a size of 70x30x50 cm has a ticket and can only drive leashed and muzzled in the 2nd class. In trains of the Italian private rail Italo dogs will also receive a special dog mat. Small dogs and cats travel free. Above a weight of 10kg, the travel price is 30% of the regular price.

Dog & culture
For those who want to enjoy the cultural highlights of Lake Garda with their four-legged friends, the Festival Tener-a-mente has a unique offer. "Tener-a-mente a 4 zampe" not only allows you to visit the concert with your dog, there are also special facilities for them: water, dog biscuits and special places. For more information click here.

EU rules on traveling with pets
Tattoo or microchip
Dogs and cats must be identified with a microchip.
Rabies vaccination
Pets must have a complete immunity against rabies. The last vaccination is intended to be made at least 21 days prior to departure.
Pet Passport (for dogs, cats and ferrets)
The EU document for traveling with dogs, cats and ferrets called pet passport you can get at the vet. It contains information on the outer appearence of the animal to its vaccination status, as well as a unique identification number and information on the owner.
Puppies less than 3 months
A holiday with less than 3 months old puppies (other than the EU standard, but the provincial legislation subject) is not recommended for different reasons. On one hand it is virtually impossible to get the necessary vaccinations before the first 3 months of life, on the other hand a journey in this early stage of life is not a real favor to the little animal.

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