Store Rurale: the shop of Agraria Riva del Garda

Since 1926 Agraria Riva del Garda has been a cooperative that appreciates, promotes, produces and refines regional products. The result is valuable wines and extra virgin olive oil that are known all over the world. Agraria Riva has opened its own shop to pass these products on to the end customer in the shortest possible time. On an area of about 700 square meters, a place of excellence has been created where you can taste and buy the best local products from Trentino and learn new things.

Typically local are products based on olives, such as paté or molche, residues from the processing of olives, which can be used for baking or as croutons as an aperitif. A particularly refined product is Ulidea, a dressing based on dried and fragmented black olives. So every hobby chef brings a creative touch to the kitchen. Ulidea can be used to refine pasta, vegetables and cheese. The novelty of Agraria Riva is certainly Peperò, the new spice based on extra virgin olive oil and Trentino chillies. Olives and chillies were pressed together to create a product with unique flavours. An absolute must for all spice lovers.
In the store you will also find cheese, sausages, jams, grappa, honey, pasta, bread and much more. Also excellent is the typical carne salada, which can be eaten cooked or raw.

In a dedicated area you can taste the wines and extra virgin olive oil of the Agraria Riva, accompanied by a qualified staff who will advise you on any product with interesting insider information. Guided tastings of the wines, oils and local products are offered for groups of at least 15 people.

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Foto: Agraria Riva del Garda