Masi Wine Discovery Museum Lazise

Masi Wine Discovery Museum Lazise

Every bottle of good wine contains a world of culture and traditions that are rooted in the past and projected into the future. Values that are inseparably linked to an area.

This experience led to the Masi Wine Experience, a state-of-the-art project that opened the doors to the public for Masi, the company known worldwide for its Amarone. The Masi wine family in Valpolicella includes the historic Cantine Masi & Serego Alighieri and the noble complex La Foresteria Serego Alighieri, the Masi Tupungato winery in Argentina with its focus on organic farming and the elegant Masi Wine Bar and Restaurant in Zurich. Masi Tenuta Canova has been welcoming experts, lovers and families in Lazise on Lake Garda for a year. Here you can visit the vineyards and wine cellars and enjoy wine tastings in combination with the local cuisine. And now there is another new highlight in Lazise: the Masi Wine Discovery Museum! "It will be a new and original experience that will lead the visitor to the sensory discovery of wine," explains Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi.

Let us take you on a virtual journey. In the museum there is a room dedicated entirely to viticulture. From the worldwide distribution of the vine to the red grapes that form the basis of Amarone, Valpolicella, Bardolino and Campofiorin wines. You will discover the places where Masi, deeply rooted in the classic Valpolicella area, has brought its oenological skills: Lake Garda, the Prosecco area, Trentino-South Tyrol, Friuli, Tuscany and Argentina. You will experience a journey between heaven and earth: fly over the lands with a drone, dive into the technical analysis of the soils and learn what makes the difference, which is later reflected in the glass and gives each wine its unique characteristics.

In the second room of the museum you find the heart - a real specialty: a gigantic vat dominates the room. Here you can immerse yourself completely in the fermentation process and experience the fermentation up close through various projections and a "rain" of scents and colours. "This vat has done the best work in our cellars for over 20 years," explains Boscaini. "Eyes, ears and smell experience an absolutely realistic experience. One can imagine the fermentation process directly and experience the moment when the miracle happens and one substance is transformed into another".

After having crossed the area of oenological techniques and experienced all the processes of wine production - the withering of the grapes (accelerated by a time-lapse video), the pressing, the maturing in the barrel and the bottling - the visitor will have the feeling of entering the living room of the Boscaini family in the last room. Paintings, prizes and awards that tell a story hang on the walls. On one screen you can see a parade of VIPs, all friends of Mr. Amarone, and you can see personalities who have been awarded the Masi Prize since 1981.

In the Masi Wine Discovery Museum you go on a multimedia journey through the origin of wine. A unique experience you should not miss! A visit to the museum is included in the guided tour of the Masi Tenuta Canova. Reservations are requested: +39 045 6832532;

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