Day trips

Fantastic ideas for day trips around Lake Garda

  • Acqua del Garda - the scent of Lake Garda
    What is the aroma of Lake Garda? Thanks to the mild climate and the varied nature Lake Garda also offers rich olfactory experiences - the scent of the vineyards, the olive groves and the flowering trees for example. They can also be found in the scent of Acqua del Garda - the essence of the holidays at home! more
  • Europlan - Exciting excursions to Lake Garda and the surrounding areas
    Experience Lake Garda at its best! Europlan offers organized trips around the lake that leave on different days from several locations at Lake Garda. more
  • HF Viaggi - transfer at lake Garda
    The HF Travel agency based in Trentino offers shuttle services and transportation to various tourist destinations, or for events in all the areas of Lake Garda. more
  • Theme parks
    Theme parks near lake Garda - fun for the whole family! more
  • Arts and Culture
    Art and culture on Lake Garda – this includes prehistorical, antique and medieval monuments as well as modern, strange and futuristic pieces of art. more
  • Nature
    Excursions in the countryside and nature walks around lake Garda. more
  • Lake Garda for gourmets
    Ideas for gourmet tours around Lake Garda. Where to find fine food producers and great landscapes. Day trips for all senses. more
  • Thermal and swimming pools
    Whether an outdoor pool for refreshment on hot summer days or a spa to relax - around lake Garda there are many great swimming and thermal pools, which are worth a visit. more

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