Margherita Vellini - Home accessoires

Margherita Vellini
Borgo Garibaldi, 62/a
37011 Bardolino 
Phone.: +39-347-0626756

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Interior design
A store for all those who are looking for the true Italian design. Here you will find beautiful lamps, home accessories and design objects, all handmade! Here art is a meeting point between design, crafts and ideas. For several decades, the family of Margherita Vellini has been producing beautiful interior furnishings and lamps of porcelain and ceramics. Margherita Vellini has developed various design pieces for years, always with creativity and attention to the details. The result are beautiful and refined design objects, looking for a new home throughout Europe.

Personalizied lamps:
- individual counseling
- creation of ideas and wishes of the customer
- customization of objects
- creation of lava stone tiles
- delivery within Europe

This beautiful store can be found in the famous "artists' street" in the historic center of Bardolino. In the street Borgo Garibaldi you can still find old art and craft workshops, an alternative to the modern shops. The cobblestones on the street, loved by tourists and locals, are made by the family Vellini. Most tiles are located in front of the stores and always represent what the shop sells or produces.

Opening times
Easter to October, in winter by appointment.

Foto: Margherita Vellini