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What is the aroma of Lake Garda? Thanks to the mild climate and the varied nature Lake Garda also offers rich olfactory experiences - the scent of the vineyards, the olive groves and the flowering trees for example. They can also be found in the scent of Acqua del Garda - the essence of the holidays at home!


Acuqa del Garda offers four fragrances, scented candles and fragrances for the environment. Each fragrance is a trip around Lake Garda.

Route 1 - The wine route at Lake Garda
The wine road winds along a stretch of about 70 km through the moraine hills where the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes are grown with which they produce Bardolino wine. The towns met on this route are Lazise, ​​Affi, Costermano and Garda.

An unknown masculine melody that is transmitted by the fresh energy of bergamot and orange blossom whose heart reveals notes of the sharp grape seeds of Lake Garda and spices and then ends with exotic tones of Patchouli and the light fragrances of amber and wood.

Route 2 - The olive oil route of Lake Garda
This journey leads from Gardone Riviera on the western shore of the lake to Sirmione among beautiful olive groves, ancient villas and towers of ivy - a real thrill of scents and colours.

A perfume with a balsamic note, that at first opens with the freshness of bergamot and lemon then mingles with a heart of olive and fig, and ends with intense floral and woody notes.

Route 3 – Soave
Starting from the lovely town of Soave this path passes through a landscape of hills, volcanic soil and green vines leading up to Colognola ai Colli. 

A feminine scent with a light ending that seals the meeting of the softness of bergamot and raspberry with the woody and slightly spicy essence of liquorice and the intoxicating harmony of "Soave" and leaves a distant echo of musk and vanilla on the skin.

Route 4 - From Lazise to Collebeato
This tour leads from Lazise on the eastern shore of the lake to Collebeato through picturesque spots, green lawns and fruit trees in bloom. It also passes Bussolengo, a place known as "The Land of the peaches": here, in the spring, you are greeted by the heady scents of peach blossom.

A feminine scent that starts with a scent of violets in perfect harmony with the romantic and fruity bouquet of the peaches of Lake Garda. All wrapped in an intense note of musk.

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