Family holiday on Lake Garda

Dad wants to hike, mum likes surfing and the kids just want to relax on the beach. On Lake Garda it is easy to find the perfect holiday for the whole family.

  • Sport & adventure with XMountain and King Rock
    Lake Garda is a fascinating area to discover through many different activities such as climbing, trekking, hiking and canyoning, accompanied by the XMountain mountain guides. If you want to try climbing for the first time you can visit the climbing hall King Rock in Verona. mehr
  • SUP Dolce Vita at Lake Garda
    Stand Up Paddling is something you should try there, the landscape around the lake is so pretty that a little SUP tour can be a lot of fun. mehr
  • Adventures
    Adventures for the whole family on Lake Garda. Where to go to live exciting experiences around the lake. more
  • Adventure parks
    The most important attraction for families is definitely the lake itself! But there are plenty of fun- and adventure parks, too. Some of the biggest in all of Italy. more
  • Bad weather ideas
    Italy is kissed by the sun, and so it is Lake Garda. But you should not be desperate if there is a rainy day on you holiday. We give you some ideas of what you can do with your family while you are waiting for the sun. more
  • Beaches and water parks
    Summer on Lake Garda means of course to go to the beach and to have fun in one of the great water parks of the area. There are plenty of beaches which fit for the whole family, like the big ones at Riva or in the south east. more

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